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Welcome to the website of Agnieszka Glowacka - painter, graphic artist, photographer and designer.

I graduated from the Graphic Department of W. Strzeminski's Fine Arts Academy in Lodz (Akademia Sztuk Pieknych w Lodzi im. W. Strzeminskiego, formerly PWSSP in Lodz) in 1990. My study specialization was graphic design and engraving. Diploma work was completed with the highest marks in graphic design and photography. My diploma works
Excerpt of Agnieszka Glowacka's diploma work
have been used as model works not only in Poland, but also e.g. in Australia, and my paintings find their place in private collections in my country and abroad.
Since 1990 I've been professionally dealing with graphic design and photography, and active on the fields of drawing, painting and artistic and documentary photography. I worked as graphic design specialist in Promotional Departments of local government and self-government offices, as well as in local publishing agencies and graphic studios. I have managed to develop good co-operation with different companies and institutions. During that time I have created many graphical symbols, logos and signs, I designed many publications and arranged various promotional affairs. For instance, in 2000 the Lodz regional promotion stand prepared according to my concept for local self-government office, was awarded as "Best regional promotion" during International Tourist Fairs in Lodz.
In the years 2002-2003 there were issued two editions of Lodz promotional book: "Zachowaj Łódź w sercu"
Front cover of 2nd editon of album about Lodz
(Leave your heart in Lodz) prepared according to my original idea and design, and containing my photographs.
During years of 2003, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2016 and 2018 there were individual exhibitions of my paintings, and from year 2009 I actively participate in various collective art expositions.
My retrospective exhibition of paintings "Intuition" on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of creative work took place in Willa municipial art gallery of Lodz in 2016. The text "In search of an author"
"In search of an author" - Dominika Larionow
for my catalogue was written by Dominika Łarionow.
In 2018 I presented in Lodz gallery "krótko i węzłowato" a series of unique canvas paintings Contemplation - inspired by Japan culture.
"New Japanism" collective exhibition hosted my paintings in 2019 during the 4th Autumn Festival of Japanese Arts Bunkasai 2019 in Warsaw.
Bronze Winner Award in Tokyo International Foto Awards - "TIFA 2019"
"TIFA 2019 Bronze Winner
for photography "Incidental Auto-Portrait" .
Four years with Incidental Auto-Portrait (2016-2020). Exhibition of selected frames in preparation: see documentation .
In year of 2022 new diptych
"Summer Field Orihime" and "Summer Sky Hikoboshi" in mixed own technique on canvas 2 x 40 x 100 cm joined in 2022 my multimedia project Contemplation , and this year 2 new paintings "Onna Ume" and "Blue Textil" (100 x 100 cm)

See paintings show "Intuicja"      Download selected works
See themes from Agnieszka's paintings placed on products: VIDA Shop RedBubble

Individual exhibitions

Spring 2018, "krotko i wezlowato" gallery in Lodz (Poland). Presentation of 10 newest paintings on canvas in own mixed technique from the "Contemplation" series inspired by the landscape and culture of Japan.
See video from opening.
Summer 2016, The City Art Gallery Willa in Lodz, retrospective presentation of the canvas paintings in own mixed technique from years 2005-2015. See the video with all of the works from "Intuition" series and short video from opening of the exhibition.
Light-Loving (Swiatlolubne)
Spring 2009, Carte Blanche gallery in Lodz, big canvas paintings. See the video of the works shown.
Days and Nights (Noce i Dni)
Spring 2008, TiG gallery in Warsaw, Poland.
mooie nederlandse...
June 2005, NOWA Gallery (LDK, Lodz), presenting impressions on canvas from the Netherlands 2004/05.
See the video from the opening of this exhibition.
Gardens of Untold Dreams (Ogrody snów przemilczanych)
April 2003, "Nowa Gdynia" gallery in Zgierz, Poland.
Exposition of drawings
Spring 1986, "Cytryna" club gallery in Lodz, Poland.
The first public presentation of the painting
Autumn 1985, Strzemiński Academy of Art Łódź (ASP Łódź), prof. R. Hunger's study.

Group exhibitions and awards

Self portrait in a square 2022
7th International Photo Exhibition by Lodz Photographic Society.
Presented photography belongs to my series "Incidental Auto-Portrait".
Self portrait in a square 2021
6th International Photo Exhibition by Lodz Photographic Society.
Presented photography belongs to my series "Incidental Auto-Portrait".
Self portrait in a square 2020
Participation in the 5th International Exhibition of Photography by Lodz Photographic Society - photo from the series "Incidental Auto-Portrait".
2019 Tokyo International Foto Awards - Bronze Winner
Bronze Winner for photography "Incidental Auto-Portrait" and participation in online exhibition TIFA 2019.
BUNKASAI 2019 - New Japanism
Participation in collective painting exhibition "New Japanism" at 4th Autumn Festival of Japanese Arts Bunkasai in Warsaw, Poland.
Artist Portfolio Magazine vol. 38
Paintings from "Contemplation' series presented in Featured artist of vol. 38 of Artist Portfolio Magazine.
Quadro-Art 2018
6th International Picture Biennale in Municipal Art Gallery in Lodz, Poland.
Quadro-Art 2016
5th International Picture Biennale in Central Textile Museum in Lodz, Poland.
Quadro-Art 2014
4th International Picture Biennale in Textile Museum in Lodz, Poland.
Special Merit Award 2014
"Special Merit" award in competition arranged by Light, Space & Time online art gallery for painting "Enchantment".
Gardens 2013 (Ogrody 2013)
art competition exposition in Ksiaz Castle, Poland.
Special Recognition Award 2013
"Special Recognition Award" in Abstracts Art Competition by Light, Space & Time online art gallery for painting "Capricioza".
Style Educator 2012
Educator of Style award in 2nd edition of competition arranged by Duka Poland company.
Colours and Textures 2011
6th International Biennial of Painting and Unique Fabric, Gdynia, Poland.
Animalis 2011
2nd Triennial of Painting, Chorzów, Poland.
Pictures Painted with Music 2010
3rd competition exhibition, Cracov, Gorlice, Poland.
Pictures Painted with Music 2009
2nd competition exhibition, Cracov, Gorlice, Poland.
Art Now 2009
diploma of excellence on 3rd online global art annual, Artoteque.com.
Quadro-Art 2009
International Picture Biennal exhibition, Lodz, Poland.
Lodz Winter Saloon 1994
Drawings exhibition arranged by City Galleries in Lodz, Poland.
  • sample of painting Morning lass

    Morning Lass
  • sample of painting Passing Away

    Passing Away
  • sample of painting Touched with florescence

    Touched with florescence
  • sample of painting Xylograph of Florescence

    Xylograph of Florescence
  • sample of painting Whisper hint

    Whisper hint
  • sample of painting Awoken Love

    Awoken Love
  • sample of painting Blue sensitizeness

    Blue Sensitizeness
  • sample of painting Kami Waterfall

    Kami Waterfall
  • sample of painting Self-cogitation

  • sample of painting Good evening TATE

    Good Evening TATE
  • sample of painting Poetics of Slope

    Poetics of Slope
  • sample of painting Ephemeral glance

    Ephemeral glance
  • sample of painting Crepuscular zeal

    Crepuscular zeal
  • sample of painting Silvery pirouettes

    Silvery pirouettes
  • sample of painting Goldish joys

    Goldish joys
  • sample of painting Chance theater

    Chance theater
  • sample of painting Focusing rite

    Focusing Rite
  • sample of painting Magic frame

    Magic frame
  • sample of painting Imagine Bairro Alto

    Imagine Bairro Alto
  • sample of painting To My Master...

    To My Master...
  • sample of painting Not still life from Montjuic

    Not still life from Montjuic
  • sample of painting Hanami 2011

    Hanami 2011
  • sample of painting Euphoria 3776

  • sample of painting Realm of orange

    Realm of Orange
  • sample of painting Porcelain soul

    Porcelain Soul
  • sample of painting Alley of grace

    Alley of Grace
  • sample of painting Dreamy pacicic

    Dreamy pacicic
  • sample of painting Cittadina

  • sample of painting "Cataluna" texture

    'Catalunia' Texture
  • sample of painting San Carlo

    San Carlo
  • sample of painting Barri Gotic

    Barri Gotic
  • sample of painting Field 2103

    Field 2103
  • sample of painting Icon

  • sample of painting Calella point

    Calella Point
  • sample of painting Sensual Kintsugi

    Sensual Kintsugi
  • sample of painting Energy of whiteness

    Energy of Whiteness
  • sample of painting Forest Grattage

    Forest Grattage
  • sample of painting Toscana

  • sample of painting Lightness of Being

    Lightness of Being
  • sample of painting Hanami Energy

    Hanami Energy
  • sample of painting Hidden in WA

    Skrywane w WA


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